My name is Anndelize (most people call me Andi) and this is a representation of my studio; an ink wash illustration that I sketched to honour the creative space I work in daily. Having a designated space where I can explore my artistic talent is crucial for me to maintain focus on the project at hand.

Ever since I can remember I have had a restlessness inside me that is only stilled when I am creating art; however, until 2014 when I enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Art and Visual Culture I had not yet formally studied art. Since enrolling, my artistic abilities have increased noticeably and I look forward to what future years of study hold for me on this  wonderful journey. For me, making art is a journey; it is a pathway toward self discovery and expression.

I plan to share some of this journey in my blog and have several areas of interest that I will be blogging about: Illustrated recipes, a project that I am working on to recreate our late mother’s hand-written recipe book for my siblings, children and future generations. Artist research is another one of my interests and I am trying to create a useful resource of  artworks to refer back to (and to refer my artist friends to) for research purposes; and Material Investigations, a crucial aspect of preparation before beginning any major artworks. Other areas of interest that I may explore in future include a ‘how-to’ section where readers can learn techniques and methods to experiment with in their own artwork.

Nodes that I link to from my website include my Twitter profile; this is rich in content from Art Galleries and Museums as well as from many great artists around the world. My Pinterest profile contains hundreds of bookmarks, content that is visually rich and more directed towards visual arts research while my Delicious profile, which is more text based, contains bookmarked links geared toward art history and other research. I have a Linkedin profile to attract opportunities for commissioned artwork, as well as a TDAC (They Draw and Cook) profile featuring some of my illustrated recipes in the hope that it will attract opportunities for commissioned artwork. My Facebook Page is there to attract readers to my blog, and finally I also have a Padlet wiki which I’ll use primarily for collaboration between fellow artists and myself, to build a rich visual resource of mutually beneficial research and reference material.

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